Content design, sometimes also known as UX writing, is the art and science of creating meaningful, relevant, and user-centric content.

It includes text, images, videos, and interactive elements, all of which are carefully curated to create a cohesive and compelling user experience through writing.

Content design principles

Implementing accessible content design means creating digital content that is easily understood by a diverse audience. User experience improves when content is accessible and easy to understand.

Key points to remember

Use inclusive language

As Singapore is a diverse and multicultural society, be mindful of cultural and religious differences and avoid language that may be offensive or insensitive to different groups.

Use plain language

Make your content clear and easy to understand, avoid jargon or complex language. Short sentences are easier to scan and read. Break your sentence if necessary.

Use UK English

We use UK English in Singapore. However, US English may sometimes be used in certain contexts. The key is to prioritise clear and effective communication while respecting Singapore's cultural context.

The Difference Between UK & US Spelling

Difference UK spelling US spelling
ou → o colour color
e → a grey gray
re → er centre center
l → ll enrol enroll
ogue → og catalogue catalog
s → z organisation organization

Writing for accessibility

When you write well, you help ease complex tasks by highlighting key decisions, prioritising next steps and simplifying interactions. Here are some best practices for writing.

Page title

  • Use a short yet catchy title for each webpage
  • Title should describe the content well and distinguish it from other pages
  • The page title is often the same as the main heading of the page



  • Write in short, clear sentences and paragraphs
  • Avoid using unnecessarily complex words and phrases
  • Expand acronyms on first us e.g. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Consider providing a glossary for terms readers may not know
  • Use list formatting whenever appropriate
  • Consider using images, illustrations, video, audio, and symbols to help clarify the meaning of the text

Call-to-action (CTA)

Write meaningful text alternatives for images

Last updated 31 May 2024

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